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Company Name: Shaanxi Ningde Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Contact: Ms. Zhang

Phone: 029-81129970



Address: Room 2731, Block B, Yanxiang City Plaza, 56 Jinye 1st Road, Xi'an

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Shaanxi Ningde Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive construction enterprise in Xi'an High-tech Industrial Technology Development Zone. It was established in April 2016. Construction qualification for second-level and environmental protection projects.

The company has a registered capital of 100 million yuan and a total asset of 250 million yuan. There are 91 professional and technical personnel and management staff, including 4 senior engineers, 15 engineers, 25 assistant engineers, 2 first-level construction engineers, and 2 There are 5 construction divisions and more than 40 certificate holders. The company has a complete set of construction machinery and equipment, advanced testing and testing equipment and a mature professional construction team, with construction capabilities such as housing construction, municipal road construction, large-scale steel structures and environmental protection engineering.

Since its establishment, the company has built more than 50 kilometers of municipal roads, laid more than 260 kilometers of water supply and drainage pipes, built 9 sewage treatment plants and 2 waterworks plants, and has completed a total output value of 2.2 billion yuan and an annual output value of 950 million yuan. The qualified rate of the project is 100%, and the contract compliance rate is 100%. It has won praise from the local government and construction units and has a good social reputation.

The company has established a sound and practical enterprise management system, management system and distinctive corporate culture. Always adhering to the core values of "quality wins the market, integrity opens the world"; always adheres to the business philosophy of "care for the heart and share win-win situation"; always keeps in mind the corporate vision of "creating high-quality engineering and living a high-quality life". Taking advantage of the characteristics of flexible private enterprise mechanisms, institutional innovation, emphasis on talents, and resource optimization, the company pursues and improves scientific management and sustainable development of enterprises, and marches towards higher goals. "Ningde people" is showing the company culture of "Ningde" with a sincere cooperation attitude and first-class construction quality, and creating a better future for the company.

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