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Application of concrete distributor reinforcement in construction industry and its precautions

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Application of concrete distributor reinforcement in construction industry and its precautions

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What is a concrete spreader? For those who have not been in contact, the spreader is a relatively important kind of mechanical equipment on the construction site. It is mainly composed of steel bars, hydraulic devices, storage equipment, safety devices, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the pile during the construction process. This importance determines whether the reinforcement is carried out. So be sure to pay attention to the use of the main distributor.

First, the distance between reinforced racks must not exceed 70 cm.

Second, when laying the ground reinforcement mesh, it must be used to support the steel beam overtime.

Third, the top of the cloth machine must be tied with a wind rope to prevent displacement.

Fourth, arrange a supervisor to carry out safety monitoring and supervision.

Concrete processing method of concrete distributor when strengthening

First, the reinforcement of the spreader must be placed directly above the support pole, and it cannot be placed directly on the steel bars or formwork. Each support requires a wooden pad.

Second, every supporter needs to be reinforced.

Third, the spacing of the template of the cloth spreader is at most 20 cm.

Fourth, scissors support must be provided in the area where the cloth spreader is placed to form an enhanced formwork support structure.

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