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Causes of uneven settlement of foundation foundation of frame structure houses

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Causes of uneven settlement of foundation foundation of frame structure houses

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2.1 Man-made damage or the effects of vegetation rhizomes

The uneven foundation foundation of some houses is caused by man-made damage, which leads to the uneven foundation foundation of the house, or the excavation and planting of vegetables near the house, and even the planting of trees near the house. Comparative development. During the growth of trees, the growth of the root system may damage the foundation of the house, causing the foundation of the house to be uneven.

2.2 Impact of surrounding construction

The construction of buildings within a certain range of the house, because the construction of new buildings requires a lot of excavation or the work of strengthening the foundation, the excavation or strengthening of the new building may cause changes in the soil structure in the same area, resulting in The foundation of the already-built building is not uniform, which will cause the already-built building to sink, tilt or even collapse.

2.3 Destruction of natural disasters

The uneven foundation foundation of the frame structure houses may also be caused by the impact of some natural disasters. For example, earthquakes, tsunamis, or volcanic eruptions can cause strong ground vibrations to a certain extent and damage the foundations of houses. In severe cases, these natural disasters can directly lead to the collapse of houses.

2.4 Ground movement

Some houses are built on the side of the slope. At this time, due to the special location of the house foundation, some protective measures cannot be properly handled. When some heavy rainfall occurs in the place where the house is located, the foundation of the entire house will be along the The slope slides downward, causing the foundation to appear uneven, causing the house to tilt or collapse.

2.5 Building quality is not up to standard

The uneven foundation of the frame structure house may also be the construction stage of the house. As the construction unit did not carry out the construction in accordance with the relevant national regulations, the building materials used did not meet the standards of the relevant departments, or the special place of construction was not taken into account when using the building materials The environment and factors caused the building to have quality problems after completion, but the relevant departments did not find them in time during the acceptance. After using the unqualified materials for a period of time, serious quality problems will occur, resulting in uneven foundation foundation of the entire building and affecting the normal production and life of the building users.

2.6 House structure design does not match foundation

During the construction of some houses, due to changes in the design of the house or the combination of local actual conditions, large changes in the structure of the house have occurred, which has resulted in changes in the overall design of the building. The building structure is not set up according to its due foundation, or the house that has changed the design and structure is built on the foundation suitable for the original house construction. This will result in uneven load on the foundation. As a result, uneven ground settlement of the foundation occurs in some connected places, which threatens the safety of the building.

2.7 Affected by external temperature and precipitation

The uneven foundation of the frame structure house may also be affected by the external temperature and precipitation. Due to the increase and decrease of the external temperature, the soil structure has changed and the corresponding protection measures have not been taken for the foundation, resulting in uneven foundations of the house. Or the seepage caused by precipitation increases the amount of water in the soil layer and expands the soil. When the sun shines, the water rapidly evaporates. Such a changing process will cause uneven foundation foundation.

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