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  • Ningde Construction 2018 New Year's party visit was successfully held

    The Ningde Construction 2018 New Year's Party call successfully held the Dog Safety Day, and the Spring was in full bloom. On the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, the ancient capital of Xi'an, accompanied by a strong festive atmosphere, Ningde Company ushered in the first Chinese New Year group visit since its establishment. Liu Bingjun, the chairman of the company, delivered a speech at the scene "On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I would like to represent Ningde Construction Co.
    Release time: 2018-03-09 Clicks: 39

  • Double message

    In the Mid-Autumn National Day, we are hand in hand, happy and joyful. On the occasion of this double festival, on behalf of all the employees of Ningde Company, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the leaders and brother units at all levels who care about and care for Ningde's growth;
    Release time: 2017-09-30 Clicks: 34

  • Do you know how to derust the steel bars used in reinforcement construction?

    Reinforced concrete structures are one of the most widely used construction forms in the construction industry today, but due to various reasons, various problems are emerging in the construction process. Reinforced steel is an indispensable tensile material in reinforced concrete structures. Its performance The quality directly affects the structural safety of reinforced concrete. That is: the reinforcement of the steel bar needs to be strengthened before entering and using it.
    Release time: 2017-09-23 Click times: 22

  • Production safety, long alarm bells

    Safety is the life of an enterprise and the basis of production and operation. Our company attaches great importance to safety production management, has established and improved the company's safety production management system, safety emergency plan, equipped with full-time safety management personnel, increased investment in safety production, and insisted on the institutionalization of safety education and training for all employees and front-line workers. Regularization and stable production management
    Release time: 2017-09-22 Clicks: 56

  • Problems Existing in the Development of Road and Bridge Construction in China

    (1) The design concept of road and bridge construction projects is not good, and the practicality of road and bridges is difficult to continue. There is no doubt that the design work is the core of road and bridge construction. The quality of the design work directly determines the quality of a road and bridge construction, The level of practicability, engineering cost, ease of construction, and construction period. For a long time
    Release time: 2017-09-21 Clicks: 47

  • Research on the Countermeasures for the Construction and Development of Roads and Bridges in China

    (I) Update the design concept of road bridges and focus on the practicability of road and bridge engineering The design of road bridge projects is the soul of road and bridge construction. Therefore, we must speed up the update of road bridge design concepts and focus on the practicability of road and bridge engineering. First of all, safety is the first consideration in the survey and design of roads and bridges.
    Release time: 2017-09-21 Clicks: 31

  • Promoting the construction of highway steel structure bridges has become an industry consensus

    Promoting the construction of highway steel structure bridges is an important grasp in implementing the concept of green development and implementing modern engineering management with humanization, professionalism, standardization, informationization, and refinement. It can effectively improve the quality of highway bridge construction and improve the safety and durability of the structure. , Reduce the life cycle cost, promote the transformation and upgrading of highway construction, improve quality and efficiency. Currently in the highway industry
    Release time: 2017-09-21 Clicks: 59

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