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  • Hazard of uneven foundation sinking of frame structure house foundation

    The unevenness of the foundation of the frame structure house will affect the overall structure of the house, resulting in a lack of aesthetics of the house. In severe cases, it will also cause the entire building to tilt, and may also cause the entire building to sink, or due to uneven foundation The wall cracked. The harm caused by the uneven foundation of the frame structure house is inestimable, and even worse
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  • Several methods of dam grouting reinforcement to prevent leakage

    The first: low-pressure low-speed solidification grouting method. As long as this method is used for emergency blockage at high water levels, drilling operations can be performed according to the address of the location of the piping, and then the expansion material is injected into the hole, and then the pressure is slowly poured into the hole and added Cement slurry of accelerator for water glass. The swelling substance is to increase the resistance of the piping and slow down the water in the piping
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  • Definition and calculation of final settlement of foundation

    The definition of the final settlement of the foundation is in the foundation medium. Under the load of the superstructure, the amount of decrease in the surface of the foundation when it reaches stable compression is called the final settlement of the foundation. So how is the final settlement of the foundation calculated? The calculation of settlement needs to be divided into several cases for calculation. First, for the case of one-dimensional compression of a single soil layer.
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  • Choosing a structural reinforcement engineering company, you need to polish your eyes

    Although we are not very familiar with the problem of building reinforcement in daily life, in fact, there are always shadows of building reinforcement in our lives. Structural reinforcement engineering companies have provided us with a lot of help, making our travels more assured and smooth work. Reinforced House statistics show that more than half of the current
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  • What is the development prospect of building structure reinforcement in China today?

    In the 1980s and 1990s, China's construction industry was underdeveloped. In the past, the old houses were mostly mud-brick houses. Nowadays, with the progress of society, people also live in more comfortable houses. But the house will also age. With the increasing technology and population, China's buildings are also reaching a state of fullness. House aging, demolition requires a lot of cost, many people
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  • Application of concrete distributor reinforcement in construction industry and its precautions

    What is a concrete spreader? For those who have not been in contact, the spreader is a relatively important kind of mechanical equipment on the construction site. It is mainly composed of steel bars, hydraulic devices, storage equipment, safety devices, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the pile during the construction process. This importance determines whether the reinforcement is carried out. So be sure to pay attention to the use of the main spreader
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  • "Four Major Differences" Interpretation of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Masonry Structures and Concrete Structures

    Due to the years of disrepair or natural reasons, many houses and bridges previously built in our country have certain hidden safety hazards and cannot be used normally, so it is of great significance to repair and strengthen them. Carbon fiber cloth as a relatively mature new type of structural reinforcement technology has been widely used in the field of civil engineering, but in different structures
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  • Causes of uneven settlement of foundation foundation of frame structure houses

    2.1 Man-made damage or the impact of vegetation roots Some houses have uneven foundations due to man-made damage, which has caused the uneven foundations of the houses, or excavations and planting near the houses, and even more Trees are planted near the house. Since the root system of the tree is relatively developed, the root system can grow during the growth of the tree.
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